If there is one thing that hemp can do to benefit you and your planet....Why wouldn't you?
  • Hemp Mulch 5lbs


    Hemp Mulch Hurd

    5lbs of loosely packed hemp mulch.

    Great for container gardens, pet enclosures and so much more! 

    Contact us for pricing over 900 lb/pounds

    Hemp bedding for your little critters, and large ones to!  Add Hemp mulch to your garden as well.  hemp Mulch has been referred as "a carpet" for you soil.  Rather than losing you worms and dew worms to your lawn, they want to find a new home beneath this easily spreadable, surprisingly , soft mulch.

    Some of the noted benefits of hemp mulch for your garden are:

    • Retains soil moisture.
    • Prevents soil loss from wind and rain

    We all know what the hot sun, combined with with dry winds can do to a garden, window boxes and hanging plants.

    • Reduces extremes of heat or cold to encourage consistent growth and protect young plants
    • Encourages earthworms and beneficial to soil fauna
    • Free of chemicals during growth and manufacturer
    • Seed and weed free
    • Discourages slugs and snails due to its "terrain", sticks to them like velcro! 

    • pH neutral
    • Having two distinct fiber-types, it binds together forming a mat that has superior weed suppressing

    Mulch is great for surface applications:

    • Around fruit trees and vines
    • in potted house plants and counter veggie gardens
    • Micro gardening (dirt less medium)
    • Great for around strawberries
    • Contains Large shrubs
    • Erosion and weed control
    The natural hemp bedding soaks up liquids like a natural sponge, binding them in the finely chopped mulch hat has been clean from dust.  The loose, open structure and pores of the hemp ensure excellent ventilation, putting an end to unpleasant smell caused by rotting and fermenting of bedding.  Moisture is passed back out while the smell stays in the capillaries of the bedding Material.  Especially suitable for allergy prone small pets, and burrowing animals.

    For good health and well being, the stabled horse needs a soft, comfortable dry bed. which will absorb moisture from ammonia, giving a clean, dust-free environment. 

     Hemp mulch is made from the inner core of the hemp plant stem.  It is not bleached.  No pesticides are add at any stage of its growth, thereby producing an environmentally friendly product that is fully recyclable into a useful compost.  Hemp is also fast growing and fully sustainable.  In the  past, hemp has been traditionally grown to produce fine paper products, rope and textiles and is now also used to make hemp plastics, 100% biodegadable!  Hemp Mulch is a natural bedding great for you small pets like Hampsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds and chicken coops, even reptiles all thrive with hemp as a bedding.  So many reasons why hemp is a great alternative!

    Highly Absorbent

    It is capable of absorbing far more moisture than either straw or wood shavings, and any wet areas that have to be dug out are small by comparison.  It makes a warm and comfortable bed that provides good insulation against cold and protection from injury.  Your bets stall, cage , pen, will remain dry.  Thea means in cold temperatures it won't freeze to the bottom of your pets outside environment.  Would be great in dog houses as well. 

    Low Odor

    Hemp bedding also absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing stable/cage odor.

    Economical to use

    Although starting a fresh stall or cage with hemp may be a little more expensive than with other materials, because of its slower replacement , costs will soon even out.  You will find that changing your pets bedding will be less frequent due to its amazing absorbency capabilities.  For in house pets, the smell of caged animals i reduced.  With the low dust factor, it is great for your in house pets!

    1 Bag of hemp bedding

     will cover 25 square feet (2.5m2) at 2" (5cm) deep. 

    Easy Disposal/Environmentally Friendly

    Hemp bedding creates only a small manure heap, which breaks down into quality garden compost in just a couple of months.  This compares favorably with the length of time it takes straw, particularly shavings, to decompose. 

    Hemp mulch is


    and 100% Bio degradable!


    Hemp bedding is supplied in watertight heat sealed polythene bales, which are easy to handle, and can be stored inside or out.