If there is one thing that hemp can do to benefit you and your planet....Why wouldn't you?

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Case of 12   8 oz. Bottle / Cold pressed /   BUY NOW

$102.60 CDN 8.55 per unit

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Case of 24  8 oz. Bottle / Cold pressed / BUY NOW

$182.40 CDN/$7.60pu

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Case of 48   8 oz. Bottle / Cold pressed / BUY NOW

$360.00 CDN/$7.50pu


12 Organic Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed BUY Today!

24 Organic Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed

48 Organic Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed 

Organic Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed 4 liter Jugs Case of 4.


24 Organic Hulled Hemp Seed

48 Organic Hulled Hemp Seed

Our Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Hulled Hemp Seed, Hemp Protein Powder & so much more, Is 

                       100% Canadian Grown...   

Features a light, nutty taste and can be used in a wide range of recipes including: sauces, dips, marinades and salad dressings.  It also works beautifully added to protein shakes, baking or smoothies...And so much more.

Hemp Seed is a natural, whole food product that can be used in your daily recipes, consumed on its own as a dietary supplement, or applied topically as a moisturizing oil...

Our oil starts with Canadian hemp seeds specifically selected for their nutritional value and fatty acid profile, and are conventionally grown without the use of in-crop pesticides and herbicides.

Our hemp seed oil is extracted without use of chemicals, preservatives or additives and is cold pressed at temperatures below 50C.  Packaged in an oxygen free environment for protection, high quality and optimum freshness. 

quick Facts                                    per 15ml/Tbsp

low in saturated fats                                            8g Omega-6

                                                                            2.5g Omega-3

a source of polyunsaturated
fatty acids                                                            Zero trans fat

                                                                           Zero Cholesterol

trans fat & cholesterol free                             10% vitamin E r.d.v

skincare: used on its own or in hand-made creams, 

scrubs and topical treatments 

pet care: mixed with their meal, used on coats & skin.


55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton

T-Shirt 12 Pack (Natural) SATORI

Each Hemp T-Shirt 12 Pack Includes:

(2) Small, (3) Medium, (3) Large, (2) X Large and (2) XX Large Hemp blend T-Shirts in any one, of the many color options available. Priced to Empower: The Hemp T-Shirt 12 Pack makes for a perfect Instant, Eco-friendly Line of Merchandise for any business.

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Colors Available



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